Monday, April 10, 2006

I challenge YOU….

I am keen to promote self-education, innovation and imagination amongst aviation enthusiasts so I have concocted a little challenge:

I hereby challenge YOU to design a low cost stealth combat aircraft*

It isn’t a contest in the sense of winning or loosing, we can all win just by taking part and by learning from our own and other people’s solutions.

Teams and individuals welcome. Closing date for online public presentation of your solution, complete with illustrations, reasoning and how/why it is stealthy, by 1st June 2006. Post a link to your solution’s page (/forum thread) in the comments to this blog entry.

*Must be manned. How you interpret “low cost” and “combat” is entirely up to you.


Blogger Richard A. Strong said...

The StrongMobile "Magic Dragon" Aircar Project is aimed at the business use mass market, so it will be cheap. Its ducted fan and automobile exhaust will provide a low noise signature. Likewise, the engine and exhaust will provide a low heat signature. It can operate in the air or on the road (or reasonably level terrain) and park in place or in a shelter.
URl is

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